Sunday, June 2, 2013

Investment Crowdfunding A Spectacular Success in the U.K.

As the NC JOBS Act moves through the North Carolina legislature, it is helpful to look at the success of investment crowdfunding in the United Kingdom, where it has already been legal and in operation for over 2 years. In this very interesting post, one of the U.K. investment crowdfunding sites called Crowdcube celebrates the 50th successful business funding since the site went live in February of 2011.

Some impressive results on Crowdcube since then (financial amounts converted to US $):

  • The first company to hit their target raised $114,000 from 82 investors
  • 54 businesses have been funded to date
  • $13.9M has been raised so far
  • 36,000 investors have registered on Crowdcube
  • The largest single raise was $1.5M by The Rushmore Group

And that is for just one of the crowdfunding platforms in the U.K., and there are several other very successful sites. More interesting facts and milestones are available on the Crowdcube post.

So what does this mean for North Carolina? It proves that investment crowdfunding works, that small businesses can get the financing they need, that investors are willing and able to invest with this method, and that it can be done safely and fairly.

It is time to pass H680, the NC JOBS Act and enable this new and very successful method of financing small business in North Carolina.

Support the North Carolina JOBS Act of 2013:
If you have any questions or comments, please email the JOBS NC Crowdfunding Team at or contact Representative Murry’s office at

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