Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Report Shows Crowdfunding Success Increases Follow Up Venture Funding

A new report from CB Insights, which covers the Venture Capital industry, shows that startups that have successful crowdfunding campaigns have a much better chance of attracting follow on venture funding. In a post about the report on WRALTechwire today, editor Rick Smith points out:

"Are North Carolina startups missing out on potential investments from venture capitalists because the state's general Assembly has yet to pass crowdfunding legislation?
A new report would indicate that's the case.
CB Insights, which tracks the venture capital industry, documents for the first time in a report out this week the importance of crowdfunding to startups not only for initial capital but also as a way to ignite interest from institutional investors. 
A copy of this report should be sent to every North Carolina Senator where the NC JOBS Act crowdfunding bill - passed overwhelmingly by the House - is caught up in a larger piece of legislation. (Our WRAL Capitol Bureau team says no action is expected anytime soon, by the way.)"

The post on WRALTechwire includes an excellent summary of the report. The full report can be read online.

We urge you to send the link to the WRALTechwire post and CB Insights Report to your NC Senator and the Senate leadership immediately, and ask the Senate to pass H680, the NC JOBS Act crowdfunding bill now!

Contact information for NC Legislators:

Representative Murry
 Office: 919-733-5602919-733-5602

Senator Berger
 Office: 919-733-5708919-733-5708

Senator Gunn
 Office: 919-301-1446919-301-1446

Senator Meredith
 Office : 919-733-5776919-733-5776

Senator Rucho
 Office: 919-733-5655919-733-5655

Senator Rabon
 Office: 919-733-5963919-733-5963

Senator Apodaca
 Office: 919-733-5745919-733-5745

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