Saturday, February 7, 2015

CED and CNBC Recognize the Investment Crowdfunding Future

The North Carolina Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) today published an editorial encouraging the NC legislature to move forward with the NC PACES Act investment crowdfunding bill. CED President Joan Siefert Rose writes:

"If state lawmakers approve two new economic development initiatives, North Carolina would improve its ability to boost employment the old-fashioned way: by home-growing jobs through entrepreneurship." and "... the N.C. Providing Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Act (NC PACES), is a crowdfunding bill designed to help start-ups and small businesses raise much-needed early stage capital."

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In addition, today marks the day that investment crowdfunding has gone mainstream in the financial community. CNBC has just launched a website dedicated to the crowdfunding industry, including several new indexes for tracking developments in various target markets for crowdfunding. This means that investment crowdfunding has now grown large enough and strong enough to be considered a legitimate alternative asset class for investors. Visit the CNBC crowdfunding page here:

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