Monday, May 11, 2015

Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemptions on the Rise Across the Nation

Anthony Zeoli, who is leading the effort to get an intrastate investment crowdfunding exemption passed in Illinois, provides us with the latest information on intrastate crowdfunding exemptions.

The first post shows the current status of the intrastate exemption process across the nation. As of May 8th, 19 states have an exemption in place, and 21 states (including North Carolina) are in progress on enacting one. Of note is that Florida has recently enacted an exemption after their Governor initially rejected one last year. So most of the states in the southeast region now have an exemption in place.

Another post by Anthony shows comparisons of the various state exemptions.

And this one has links to all the various state exemptions.

Graphic courtesy of Anthony Zeoli

Another  excellent post is a very good infographic showing where intrastate crowdfunding fits on the financing ladder used by startups as they grow. Intrastate crowdfunding is a very good and cost effective match for seed stage and early stage companies.

Graphic Courtesy of Anthony Zeoli

The NC PACES Act will also be a big help with debt financing for small businesses all across the state. We are on the right track with S481, and as the Governor and Steve Case both reminded us last week during the Rise of the Rest Tour, it is time to get this enacted.

You can help by clicking on the links below and sending an email to your state representative and state senator asking them to support S481, the NC PACES Act Investment Crowdfunding Exemption.

Thanks for your support.

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