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Are you considering investment crowdfunding as part of your small business or startup financing strategy? Are you an investor thinking about investing in one of these businesses? The first step is education about crowdfunding in general, and investment crowdfunding in particular. There are already hundreds of websites dedicated to crowdfunding, so this list is by no means complete. You can search on your own or use the crowdfunding directories below to find many kinds of crowdfunding websites and platforms. When you search you can use 'investment crowdfunding' or 'equity crowdfunding' as both are used to describe fundraising methods like NC PACES. Here are some useful links to help you get started.

Would you like to be included on this resource list? If you provide services such as legal, accounting, marketing, web design, or investment crowdfunding platforms and you are ready to take on NC PACES Act compliant investment crowdfunding projects, please email your information to

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Crowdfunding Information Sites

These information and media sites cover crowdfunding from many different perspectives, and will help keep you up to date on the latest developments in the crowdfunding industry. (Title III tracking)

Good infographic on stages of a startup – various fundraising round characteristics:

Great post by Amy Wan on Investment Crowdfunding Basics:

Several good posts about crowdfunding from Intuit:

These local media sites often cover stories related to startups, small business, and crowdfunding in North Carolina:

Link to a podcast on WCHL Chapel Hill about the NC PACES Act hosted by Berkeley Grimball with Mark Easley and John Demers. Please listen to the August 20th 2016 show here.

Legal Sites: 

For NC PACES Act offerings, you will need to review the North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division website on crowdfunding. For questions about the PACES Act law or rules you may contact Leo John via email

You will need to consult a North Carolina business law attorney to help create your investment crowdfunding offering using the JOBS Act or the NC PACES Act. If you need a business law attorney, these North Carolina law firms specialize in startup offerings and can provide advice and guidance about financing your business using investment crowdfunding. (Contact Benji Jones or Jim Verdonik) (Intellectual Property) (contact L. Taylor Arnold) (contact Matt Cordell) (contact Dave Krosner or Mike Slipsky)

These additional legal sites will give you information about investment crowdfunding from a legal perspective. (Jim Verdonik, Raleigh) (Anthony Zeoli, Chicago) (Joe Wallin) (Douglas Ellenoff) (Sam Guzik) (Mark Roderick) (Sherwood Neiss) (Contact Anna Le)

Accounting Sites:

You will need to work with your bookkeeper or accountant to help create your investment crowdfunding offering and to generate the required financial reports. If you need a business accountant, these North Carolina accounting firms specialize in startup businesses and can provide advice and guidance about financing your business using investment crowdfunding. (contact Adam Buchanan or Brooks Malone)

Crowdfunding Search Engines and Directories

For investors, these sites will help you search for investment opportunities. For crowdfunders, they will help you to find other crowdfunding campaigns for businesses similar to yours. You can also browse the crowdfunding platform websites for projects they have listed.

Investment Crowdfunding Websites

This is the big category. Their are already over 300 investment crowdfunding websites out there, and all of them provide very useful educational information and  FAQs  about investment crowdfunding and how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. Here is a list of some of the most popular crowdfunding sites that are doing investment crowdfunding.

Title II Investment Crowdfunding Sites (AngelList syndicates) (consumer products) (ETF style investment funds)

www, (early and late stage secondary market) (agriculture) (angels) (angels) (searchable listing site) (VC style curation) (angels) (Intrastate)

Title III and Reg A+ Investment crowdfunding sites (Title III) (Title III) (Title III and Reg A+)

Small Business Loan Sites (loans to veteran owned businesses)

Donation and Rewards Sites

White Label Crowdfunding Sites

Want to build your own crowdfunding platform or offering website? White label sites provide software tools to help you make it happen.

Crowdfunding Marketing and Video Sites

These sites will help you market and make videos for your crowdfunding campaign. (based in Durham) (based in Charlotte, contact Roy Morejon) (based in Raleigh, contact Will Hardison) (Raleigh, animated and live videos, contact Mack Garrison) (Raleigh, video production, contact Michael Fortson) (based in Raleigh) (based in NYC)

Crowdfunding Business and Technology  Development, Marketing and Consulting Sites:

A good business development partner or a good crowdfunding marketing and business consultant that specializes in financial and investment crowdfunding strategies can help you get up to speed quickly on which approach is right for you. (Charlotte. Contact Roy Morejon) (contact Lewis Goldberg) (contact Sally Outlaw) (free mobile app builder) (Marketing apps and contests to support your campaign) (small business resource guide)

Other Types of Crowdfunding Sites:

There are many other categories of crowdfunding sites including Real Estate, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, non-profit, donation and reward, and more. You can use the directories above to find these types of sites. Some popular sites include:

Other Useful Business Fundraising Sites:

The Small Business and Technology Development Center

A list of North Carolina Angel Funds

A list of North Carolina early stage capital resources and organizations

An excellent example investor pitch deck

Our local NC Triangle Crowdfunders Meetup

If you have any questions or comments, please email the NC PACES Act Crowdfunding Team at

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